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Sun Jan 3, 2010, 7:36 AM

Commissions are CLOSED.
As I am always in need of some extra spending money for supplies and comics, I am taking commissions as long as I have the time. Commissions are secondary to my comics, but will most likely be done in a reasonable amount of time.

I am offering sketches, lineart, coloured lineart, and painting commissions. Click the link next to the section for a style reference.

Sketches (Style varies)
Headshots: $10
Half-body: $15

Paintings (Example)
Headshots: $25
Waist-up: $50
Illustrations: $150+

Prices are per-character, except for the illustrations, for which the price is highly dependent on what you want and how long I think it'll take. Full-bodies not listed, but if you absolutely must have that, ask and maybe we can work something out. I normally just get bored drawing them and see little appeal in them for most characters.
Simple backgrounds are usually free, complex ones will be extra.

I prefer to have visual ref sheets and illustrations, but well-written text descriptions are also okay.

Other stuff:
If you'd like icons, headers, wallpapers etc, please ask! The prices will depend on the amount of work required. Simple stuff might be free, hah!

I colour your lines: $5 for very simple images, otherwise $25 and up. You may choose whether the lines are covered up or not. Lines in any medium are fine as long as I can work with them.
Ask about other types of collabs. Some may be free if they sound fun.
Examples: Lines mostly covered Lines untouched

I prefer Paypal.
Prices are for everything but illustrations are fixed and are based on the time I expect to take on them. However, if your character is particularly complex, I may ask for a little extra since it's likely to take longer. I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
Payment for sketches is expected up front, payment for everything else is expected after the sketch is done.

Note or IM me (AIM: Kyousouka) if you're interested.

Commission Status
1. Closed
2. Closed

Commission status: OPEN

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Submitted on
January 3, 2010